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1995 Ford Powerstroke power problems?


I've tried searching the forums for the answer several problems regarding a 1995 Ford F-250 Extended Cab 4x4 7.3 powerstroke with a 5 speed manual transmission that I would like to purchase but I couldn't find anything specific. I took the truck out on a test drive today and this is the first diesel truck I've driven. I'm looking for a work truck to haul my tools and supplies around to the jobsites and feel that a diesel truck would fit the bill.

Anyways, when I pulled out of the dealer's parking lot in 1st gear, it would barely accelerate and seemed to be topped out so I figured it must be some sort of granny gear and put it into 2nd gear. When I put it in 2nd gear and tried to accelerate, it did not pull at all and struggled to pick up speed. Once I was in 3rd gear, it barely got moving along. In 4th and 5th gear, it was only pushing the truck along without any acceleration. I'm not expecting this to be a sports car but I was majorly disappointed in the acceleration. What could contribute to the lack of power? What is the normal acceleration time for a 1995 Ford F-250 7.3 PSD? It does not feel like a slipping clutch, it's just dragging along. It just can't get out of its own way.

The odometer, speedometer, and the AC does not work. I don't think they would contribute to the lack of power but I want to list them in case they are important to know. The oil is at the full mark although it's black. The engine looks good visually and I did not find any serious leaks.

Thanks for helping a total diesel newbie and I hope I'll be joining ya'll with a 'new to me' F-250 PSD.
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A stock 7.3 will not accelerate like a top fuel car, but it will pull good. Yes, 1st is very low, I start out in 2nd most of the time.

The oil will turn black almost immediately after an oil change due to soot from combustion, it is totally normal. Check the fuel and air filters, as they will cause a lack of power if they are not in good shape. How does the truck idle cold and hot? Does it have any lope to it? Also, diesels don't do well when they are cold, so if you were hammering on it right out of the dealers lot it will definitely be down on power compared to when it's warmed up.

How many miles are on this thing? Does it smoke at all and if it does what color? Some blue/white smoke on cold start is normal, and a bit of black smoke when lugging, shifting is also normal. The speedo not working may be a bad VSS, they are not that bad to change. The A/C may not work because it has a bad clutch and has popped the fuse or it has a leak and is low on refrigerant.
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Pass on that truck, It should pull like a 460 Gasser. The speedo not working could be the sensor on the rear diff, but if a dealer is willing to sell it weak and not fully operational I would pass :CHITFAN:. There are plenty of trucks in that year that are fully dependable strong and in order at reasonable prices today.

On edit!!! If you are new to diesels, dont buy one that requires trouble shooting on your part before signing papers, these things are not cheap to work on. On a lighter note, once you learn the operating sytems they can be Addictive to work on, and again not cheap. :40oz


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how mutch are they wanting for the truck if its dirt cheep it may give you some room to repair some minor problems and then you'll know what you have
but I also agree its odd that a dealer would let something go out with some usually easally fixable problems.

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yes i would have to agree with everyone i have a 95 auto and it has some balls stock. i would check the fuel filter first cause mine did it and it was a dog. heck buy it and swap trannys with me is it a 1ton or 3/4 ton and what gears does it have could be the reason too cat could be stopped up.turbo good? just some other things to think about. im only 19 so dont hold me to it

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probably a stuck EBPV, they are sluggish as all heck when it's closed.

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Thanks for all the replies. The dealer is asking for $5,499. But I offered $3,500 with its condition and they got upset with me. It's a mexican car dealer lot and when I looked through the interior, I found a reciept for a different car dealer recently for a new bed liner so this mexican dealer must have acquired the truck through an auction. At that price, do you all feel it's worth getting and tinkering with it? How do I check the EBPV to see if it's stuck. The way it's acting, that seems the most logical explanation for its performance.

The miles are unknown since the digital odometer does not come on. The dealer says 'On the contract it has 179,000 miles...' I find that hard to believe since most of these trucks have a lot more miles than that and look better. If anyone knows how to fix the odometer, please let me know so I can check the actual mileage on this truck.

I did not notice any smoke while driving it. I did see some smoke coming into the cab through the tranny hole in the floor since I pulled the shifter boot off (the stick was just sitting there and I wanted to see how I can reattach it).

I've already been back twice and the mexicans are dead set on their price even with all the problems. They keep saying that they bought the truck for $4,500 and dared me to find a truck for $3,500. After that, I found an 1997 F-250 PSD 4x4 on autotrader for that price from a private seller but it's an automatic. I just can't get this truck out of my mind since it seems to be an easy fix and I love working on cars and trucks.

Any more advice would be awesome. Anything about how to fix the odometer would be the holy grail for me.
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the 95 remeber are not intercooled and are not as fast and pull as hard as the ones that are but i would check the fuel filters and see if there clogged , did it have a lift or bigger tires?

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anybody got any used 4" miter cut stack laying around? pm me if ya do

quote: BARRY1ME: BTW I love your sig about engineers....but it should be changed to, if the engineers believe it isnt broke it doesnt have enough content removed from it. And thats the truth! (FYI I am engineer and work for Ford lol) At Ford the goal is to make the part barely good enough to passing DV (developmental validation) testing....If it passes way beyond the test then the part was overengineered, and content needs to be removed to reduce cost.

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It had helper springs installed on the rear springs and the tires are standard size. I'm not sure if I will be able to pull the filter to see if it's clogged or not unless it's easy and quick to do in the dealer's lot without making a mess.
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My stock 95 would run circles around my stock 02...until I modified the 02. How many miles does it have?
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