TDG Screensavers

Instructions: Click on one of the links below. It will ask you to then save or run. Choose save. Find a folder on your hard drive to put the saver in, and remember it. Once it finishes downloading, then select done or exit. Then go find the file. Once you have, right click on the name, then select Install. The computer will do the rest. It should then be installed. 

Ford Only Screensaver - with music  11.6MB

Ford Only Screensaver - no music 5.7MB

Dodge Only Screensaver - with music 7.7MB

Dodge Only Screensaver - no music 1.8MB

GM Only Screensaver - with music 7.9MB

GM Only Screensaver - no music 2.0MB

MD/HD Only Screensaver - with music 5.6MB

MD/HD Only Screensaver - no music 1.1MB

All Makes - with music 13.7MB

All Makes - no music 9.2MB


Our buddy Tommy K from K-Country in Michigan giving us props. Thanks go out to Bigdraft for getting us some on-air time. 


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updated 3/26/06