TDG Truck of the Month - March 2007

 The March 2007 TDG Truck of the Month is Nasty Girl. Keith...aka...Nasty Girl...purchased Nasty Girl but he is quick to point out that his wife Paulette "owns" the truck.  This is the first 1000+ HP Duramax...on good 'ol #2 only. This is the stuff that would make most pimply faced Honda driving teenagers wet their pants.

This isn't your stock 6.6L Isuzu engine. The base block is a Merchant Automotive LB7 block. The block has been stuffed with oversized LBZ pistons that have been ceramic coated with the compression lowered to a more hp friendly 14:1 ratio. Billet crower rods keep the pistons moving in a straight line...and a Trippin custom cam makes sure they move in the order they are supposed to. C&C ported and polished heads are home to oversized Inconel and stainless valves, along with double springs and upgraded push rods. A rev kit was also installed to make sure the 6.6L beast stays together. Trippin billet injector hold downs make sure that exhaust gasses are the only thing expelled out of the engine. Maximized Performance custom compound twins feed a Banks Technicooler. Obviously...this isn't built with miles per gallon in mind. The more fuel...the better to smoke anything that bothers Keith. To make sure the diesel is fed ample fuel, dual fuelers with LBZ pumps have been added...with a MITUSA lift pump supplying 375gph of fuel to the DonM Big Bad Azz sticks. A FASS 150 is the secondary backup if problems arise. A Trippin billet fuel pickup gets the fuel out of the tank, and a fuel return shutoff stops the fuel from going back to the tank at WOT. By now you've realized that factory tuning isn't going to cut it here. Tuning was done by Ridge Runner diesel. This isn't your ordinary "moonshine", this is "Nastyshine"! With this much fuel going into the engine, Keith passes a lot Custom headers help to expel the fumes...with a 5" downpipe leading into a custom dual 5" exhaust. 6" stainless steel tips round out the look. With this much going on in the engine bay, the batteries have been relocated to the spare tire well in the rear of the truck.

With 1000+hp getting to the rears...this isn't your ordinary Allison behind this beast either. The tranny has been fully built by Eric at Merchant Automotive, and fitted with a Co-pilot. Billet input and output shafts keep the gears spinning...and a billet flexplate keeps things in place. The transfer case has also been fully built by Merchant. Merchant also built the custom rear on Nasty Girl, and fitted it with an Eaton E-Locker. No one-wheel squeals for this lady. A tranny blanket and drive line loops are added for safety reasons, and tie rod sleeves keep the front tires pointing the right way down the track. Electrical shutoffs are also mounted on the exterior of the truck, just in case.

Speaking of safety, the truck has been fitted with a full roll cage and 5-point seat belts. An air-shut off valve is in place in case Keith loses control of those 1000 horses. Its also fitted with all the necessary gauges to help him keep tabs on his truck. A custom console has been added to the GM interior as well.

When you spend so much time on the engine, you have to add some "shwing" to the outside. A 4" custom lowering kit gives the truck a killer stance, plus shaving a tenth or two off of 1/4 mile times. A Suncoast custom hood and a billet grill give the slightest hint that this truck should not be messed with. Keith de-badged the entire truck...adding further "smoothness" to the factory pewter paint.

It took Keith 2 years to get the truck to where it is now. Without the help of a lot of friends and family, he wouldn't have been able to do it. The truck is a daily driver, and driven mostly by his wife Paulette. Keith says that she isn't afraid to walk the truck sideways if another truck or car gets a bit "cocky" at the lights. The folks in Medicine Hat, Alberta are pretty lucky to have this truck stalking their streets.

Look for NastyGirl later in the year in Diesel Power. She will be taking on Maddog in a head to head dyno/dragstrip challenge at SpringFling at Merchant Automotive. In fact, you will most likely find Paulette behind the wheel. Keith states that she is going to do most of the racing this year.

Along with having his own truck webpage for a month, TDG awarded Nasty Girl 100,000 points.


Again, congratulations Keith. Remember, here at TDG it's always about the members! 

The Diesel
Gatlinburg, Tennesse