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Hi all,
We have never published a company statement. Iíll take this opportunity to officially release one now: Our primary focus has always been: Rebuilt High performance transmissions, Custom Torque Converters & Custom Valve Bodies. We have that on our bannerÖ and let it speak for itself with a flag that unfurls. Iím certain it hasnít spoken loud enough by itself.

We just offered parts on the web first with if you donít see what youíre looking for please ask...Iím certain that wasnít visable or clear & loud enough either.
While accessories were quickly being discontinued for these model year trucks, due to a shrinking market, we developed a totally new converter design-quietly. Iím certain it was too quiet.

Not many will take on the risk of a new product that requires a major investment for a shrinking market. Even in a good economy with stable metal prices.

We did alone, in house. We have bridged the gap between the $450-$600 add stuff to a stock converter time bomb and the $1000-$1400 well known brand name converters. The Racer X Prowler X6TC converter is the Iron that runs with the big dogs!

For $750.00 it is a modified truck enthusiastís street or full competition use dream come true!

Camojeeper knows how tough it is. 01blk250 also. Skydog can comment--his Racer X rebuild with X6TC was shipped to Illinois almost 3 years ago. SmknDzl might offer a converter comment. Trackspeeder also, & some screen names not known or not active. We can show you a flywheel failure our converter has survived.

Because of its success, we can offer full custom rebuilds for almost $1000 less then the competitor mentioned in this thread. We have had rebuilds added to our web presence. I'm certain we should have earlier.

Let the word go forth now, we do ship rebuilds nationwide. We have 3 locations for installation that are between two major interstate highways. Nearby, there are over 3000 hotel rooms, 30 restaurants, 3 golf courses, 3 RV parks or campgrounds with cabins, shopping, a lake front park, a 100 sq. mile freshwater lake with many public access points for swimming, fishing, boat rentals, a tour boat & more. Rebuilds will be installed free of charge by appointment.

For Rebuilds Click Here

Eagles Fire asked for the source of our competitors list for a reason. We wonít knowingly assist piracy or copyright infringement. If we did, we wouldnít have the endorsement of a World Champion in our signature or on the website. Hopefully the source will be posted & thatís not even an issue at all here. It has to be considered as a potential issue first if the info isn't in the public domain by us as sponsors. The rest of Eagles Fireís comments are correct, it could be a boo boo or perhaps zealous over-marketing many levels from the hands-on peopleÖ I don't think we have that problem...
Thank you,
X6TC survives shattered flywheel

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