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I would stay away from K&N or other "high flow" after market air filters, If you do oil samples (I do) you would see if you put a K&N like filter on your silica (sand) with go way up, they don't filter well.

The 6637 DIY cold air intake mod is really good, it has more flow them the over priced CAI (cold air intake) kits and filter really well. 6637 is a WIX part #, it is a big paper truck filter with a 4" I.D. rubber end. All you need to do is get, a hose 4" clamp, about 5" of 4" exhaust pipe and use it as sleeve between the air filter and air intake hose, you may have too loosen the intake hose at the other end and turn it too make it fit right. Also you will want to drill a hole in the 4" pipe for the filter restriction gauge.

If you search "DIY 6637 mod 7.3" you find all kinds pics and info.
I pay $25 for mine, it's is a Donaldson, I can't remember the part #.

Do you have a stock flattened out down pipe? If so Replace it with a 3" down pipe. You will have to cut the old down pipe in half with a sawzall or pull the tranny cross member to get it out, also you will have too hammer the firewall to floor pinch point out of the way were the new down pipe will go. I like to make 2 cuts (4" apart) in the pinch with the sawzall and use a long pry bar to hammer it over.

while your at gut the cat (or delete it) and delete the muffler, you could go with an after market exhaust, but with stock injectors it won't make much of a difference.

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