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Originally Posted by thefermanator View Post
There LML tuning is still in the BETA stage at the moment according to someone from BULLYDOG. They are selling to BETA testers, but not the general public as of right now.
I just seen this on one of the other duramax forums

2011 GM Duramax diesel tuning now available!

Bully Dog Technologies is known for being “First to Market” with new vehicle applications and this trend continues with the tuning release for the ever popular Duramax diesel engines in the 2011 Chevy and GM vehicles.

The new Duramax application is available on the Triple Dog GT line of product manufactured and released after 1/17/2011. By once again conquering the newest and most technically advanced and difficult to tune vehicles before anyone else, Bully Dog is able to provide the most horsepower and torque gains available on the market for the 2011 Duramax. Of important note to the consumer is the fact that the GT does not bypass the DPF filter. The result is an extremely reliable product that produces legal power for the consumer. “We were first to market with the new Dodge and Ford diesel tunes and these applications have received rave reviews from customers who are very impressed with the power increases as well as the added fuel efficiency. The 2011 Duramax application provides significant horsepower and torque and I am amazed with how our team has done what nobody else has been able to do to date” states Daryl Klassen, COO of Bully Dog Technologies. “Our team has worked day and night to produce the best results possible without deleting or bypassing important systems. Being first to market with the application as we have been many times before is very impressive”.

For those that own a GT manufactured before 1/17/2011, you can update your GT with the new 2011 Duramax tuning free of charge by visiting the Update Agent at bullydog.com. Get yours today!

For more information contact visit your local Bully Dog dealer or Bully Dog today at www.bullydog.com


Use promo code GETAGT to order a Bully Dog GT at www.bullydog.com between 1/17/2011 and 1/24/2011 will receive free shipping and a free t-shirt.
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