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Our worthless govt will never let it happen. Why? If the national average fuel economy is 25mpg, and it goes to 40mpg like that bum Obama talked about, the govt would lose tax revenue on the fuel that doesn't get sold, and worst of all for the dummy liberals, the Saudis get upset by the lack of product shipped. Case in point, Washington state 2008 when fuel prices were high. A good chunk of people bought hybrids. So many that the demand for fuel dropped, and so did state tax revenue. The governor mulled over legistlation on putting GPS in vehicles so they could institute a mpg tax. Lucky for those people it got defeated, it never happened. But, it just goes to show what would happen.

Remember the Mahindra pickup with the tiny 4 cyl diesel? Why did it take so long to deliver the truck to our shores? The EPA. Big battle with EPA over the window sticker. And when it came out, it was an obviously false estimation of mpg the truck would get. That pissed consumers off that were in line to get one, and they backed out. As far as I can tell, Mahindra pulled out of this market because of all the red tape. Consumers should have known that the posted numbers were false, but I think most people in America now a days, are just plain stupid and dont know what they are looking at. So, the govt uses the EPA to play games with the manufacturers. False or not, they post or prevent what ever they want and nobody questions these bums. Thats why the EPA must be defunded and dissolved. Im for environmentally responsible practices, but the EPA isn't about that anymore. Now you know what they are for...

The people who voted for Obama, the Bushbots, and people who believe the crybaby Boener is going to save us are the ones who got us where we are.

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