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Originally Posted by Twins View Post
Its not being driven right now, parked it once i found out and would like to fix all the common problems at once when I am in there, I would reall like to give it a good flush before all the work starts, and understand it needs motor heat to assist in using the restore flushing products, but yes dont want to run the motor any longer than needed, In that write up they say to let it high idle or drive for an hr. etc.
Gotcha, I misunderstood the idling part of your reply. Yes in warmer ambient temps things warm up quicker and easier. The problem with the 6.0 is it takes alot to get the t-stat to open unless your driving or towing. In fact, this past weekend wife and I were towing 8k loads of hay out of the fields and my ect was only 180F on flat ground going down the road at 40mph in 75F weather, wasn't till we towed up a steep hill that the t-stat would open at 192, and temps peaked at 198F, with the eot at 200F. But to answer your question, yes its a good idea to flush before opening up the motor if you can. Sounds to me like you are already on the right track. Maybe just remove the t-stat so you can flush as best possible without pressurizing things too much with the failed egr cooler.


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