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6.0 Alphabet soup - making sense of all the Jargon


Hopefully we can make this a sticky after some feedback and review


AR – Archoil oil additives (manufacturer)
ARP – Manfacturer of studs for replacing stock head bolts
AP – Accelerator pedal
Baro – barometric pressure
BST – Boost or pressure created by the turbo at the intake of the engine
CAT – Catalytic converter
CKP – crankshaft position
CMP – Camshaft position
ECT – Engine coolant temperature
EGRVP – Exhaust gas recirculation valve position
EOP – Engine oil pressure (it is a switch on the 6.0 not a real gauge)
EP – Exhaust pressure
EBP –Exhaust back pressure
ELC – Extended life coolant (some members prefer it over Ford Gold coolant normally associated with Caterpillar)
ECM – Electronic Control module
EGR – Exhaust gas recirculator (valve) (cooler)
ESOF – Electronic shift on the fly (vacuum actuated lockouts and transfer case actuator)
FICM – Fuel Injection Control Module
GPCM – Glow plug control module
HEUI – Hydraulically actuated Electronically controlled Unit Injector (Caterpillar design licensed to International)
HG- Head gaskets
HFCM – horizontal fuel conditioning module (located on the frame rail and has 1st stage filter in it and water separator
HPOP – High pressure oil pump (supplies the injectors with high pressure oil for injecting fuel into the cylinders)
IAT1 – intake air temp 1
IAT2 – intake air temp 2
ICP – Injection control pressure (a sensor near turbo on 2003 and early 2004, on the passenger side valve cover of all later models)
IPR – Injection Pressure regulator (used to adjust commanded oil pressure to the injection system
MAF – Mass air flow
MAP – Manifold absolute pressure
MC – Motorcraft (Ford OEM)
OEM – Original equipment manufacturer
PCM – Progammable control module
REV-X – a brand of oil additive (manufacturer)
SCT – a brand of tuner that programs the PCM with engine and transmission file to create a particular performance level
SG2 – Scangauge 2 (or II it is a low cost gauge that can display most of the 6.0 sensors and diagnostic codes works off of the OBD-II port while engine is running)
TFT – Transmission fluid temperator
TTY – torque to yield (stock head bolts are torqued until they yield unlike ARP studs)
VGT – Variable Geometry Turbo – (Garrett Design)
VGTCV – Variable Geometry control valve
VVT – Variable Vane Turbo – (see VGT)

Early 2004 F-250 4x4 CC 6.0

2nd owner, ARP studs 1 at a time, Some parts missing in the exhaust path, BD intercooler hoses, Blue spring, MC filters, Sinister coolant filter, Exhaust manifold gaskets, WARN lockouts, Gold coolant, zoodad mod, autometer boost gauge, high idle mod, Scangauge 2, SCT X3 tuned from KEM, autometer fuel pressure gauge, Archoil 6200 in the fuel, FICM by Ed w/ATLAS40, autometer pyro gauge,'08 Alum Rear Diff cover, 5w-40 Rotella T6 w/ Archoil 9100 in it, zert in the slip joint, harpooned fuel tank, 6.4 banjos

Not a diesel mechanic in real life but I play one on the Internet

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