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Doh! Anyone else do this while installing your DP?

So I got my MBRP DP done in about two hrs. Not bad gauging from some of the horror stories I've heard. And I did it solo. I just used the sawzall to cut the stock DP and then the sawzall to cut the seam or pinch-weld thingy, then a digging bar to torque it outa the way and : Wa-la DONE!

However..... I was not able to take'er for a test drive cause, as much of a pain as the DP install was, I just HAD to make my life even MORE difficult.

While kneeling under the hood....all up on the DP zone where I'm concentrating on making space with a pry bar/sawzall etc., I managed to break off the plastic nipple on my radiator that connects the rubber hose to the overflow/filler bottle. Yea, you know the one........pretty important....
SO, the question is, is there a crafty fix for this? I'm guessing JB Weld might be too hoopty a fix in this case.
Any suggestions...other than plop down a few hundred for a new radiator?
Anyone done this yet or am I first?

Much thanks,
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