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Originally Posted by Weld engineer View Post
This guy advertises in my gas engine magazine. If he doesn't have it I'm sure he knows where to find it. http://www.bser.com/index.htm


Yeah unfortunately Homelite was another USA company victim of the acquire and sell by big companies like Textron and Deere. It's owned by a company based in Hong Kong now. My dad' super XL is still a great saw we cut a lot of firewood with it until I left home and he put in a new high efficiency furnace and scrapped the wood burner. Weird how that happened.

Deere is the only US Agriculture equipment company left from so many that existed 100+ years ago.
Thanks a bunch. I still have a couple of Homelite, and Roper saws from many days of old that are still very good units. They aren't throw away types like those produced today. One of the Roper's has a 21" stainless bar with both automatic chain tensioning and sprocket lubrication, being heavy enough to cut with it's own weight, (not a limbing saw).

I'll make contact with the link you posted.

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