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F-450 as Daily Driver?

As I get closer to placing an order for a 2011 F-450 KR, I'm trying to get as much feedback as possible from folks who own (or have owned) these monsters. It would be my intent to replace my current daily driver (a Lexus AWD SUV) with the F-450.

I've heard all the feedback regarding parking, drive-thrus, etc., and none of that concerns me. What concerns me is the handling in inclement weather. My current vehicle handles incredibly well in wet & snowy conditions. How much of a difference should I expect from the F-450? I've heard both sides...people who say that the 4x4 F-450 dually handles well in the snow, and others who say it doesn't. Does it all come down to the driver? How much should I be concerned about load in snowy conditions? I live in CT and just want to be well prepared.

Lastly, do I really want a Job #1 build? As I understand it, Ford may make some tweaks between Job #1 and subsequent jobs based on feedback from consumers. Does that mean I should really try and hold out for Job #2?
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2011 f450 is little diff. from 2010 f450 (let alone lexus,lol), which if your researching you know what i'm talking about.

It still has wide track,which turn 6 ft tighter than 2011 f350.

If you don't need the pulling power of the f450(close to 24,000lbs), get the f350.
Biggest difference between them in 2011 is the wide track and f450 has 4.30's, BUT the f350 with 3.73's is still rated to pull 17,700 lbs and will have plenty of get up and go,let alone better MPG's!

Its always been told, dually get stuck on wet grass.lmao Thats why you always get 4x4,But with limited slip,it will do lot better than the olden days duallys (a lot of that carries over from generations)

But, i do still believe they are little more squirrelly is snow,because of rear wheels catching more snow/slush (yes, i'm in michigan) Just have to take easy some days,it won't be horrible,but if you drive a skinny wheeled car, then jump in this. Yes, you can tell!

New engine is quieter,drive thru might not be problems anymore,i'm not sure on dual wheels because each drive thru has different widths. Our local taco bell,no way in hell am i getting a dually thru there! (i don't go anyway,makes me sick)

Yes, i would buy this years job 1!!! The urea it uses will make WAY more better for dailing driving. I read you can let it idle for 24hrs with no problems. The only one reason that i would wait, is end of year rebate to save a few extra 1000.00 possibly! But if they come out and its a huge hit...good luck!

Reason i think not to worry, because LOTS of people have such a strong dislike on there diesels because the 6.0 and 6.4's, so they are sitting back waiting to see what happens this time! lol
FORD knows this! If they produce and have problems this time (again) They are going to loose So many sales!! I think its going to be reversed,unless ford wants to loose there arse!!!
SO, i say they are going to get it right...right out of the box
(i do believe there will be a few small TSB's,but nothing major,maybe some reprogramming of ECM or maybe Sticking gas metal on floor mat... couldn't help myself on that one,my wife owns a prius)

I also heard Job 1's will take a little extra longer to get, they are supposely doing extra quality control on everything. I heard a Month extra !!

So, in ending I'm hoping MY 2011 f350 drw 4x4 lariat Will not be a month late now! But..i'd rather be a month late...than pissed off from crap going wrong.

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Great reply, I agree.
I would be happy to place your 2011 SD order when you are ready.

cell 406 544-6891

Ford Fleet/Comm Truck Mngr. Custom F-650 Trucks, Shelby GT500 & KR Mustangs. 406 544-6891 [email protected] Thanks Randy
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What about picking up another vehicle for a daily driver? Just a thought. Chris

I'm a little more country than that...

2011 F-350 Extended Cab Short Box Lariat

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Great response...thanks for the info! Do you anticipate the MPG will really be dramatically different between the F-350 DRW and the F-450 DRW assuming the 6.7 in either one?

I know that tires play a huge role in snow traction and that Ford offers a different tire model for the FX4 package, correct? Should I expect better traction as a result of that? That's the primary reason I was going for the FX4...

Why daily driver? Well, I love my Lexus (RX-330), but it obviously has no practicality for carrying loads. I've found very few situations where having multiple vehicles makes financial sense since you end up paying more in taxes and insurance. I don't know where you live, but in my town we have a 30+ mill rate and pay yearly property taxes on vehicles. Unless I had an absolute beater that was worth nearly nothing with little to no insurance, I could never hope to offset any MPG savings I'd get by not driving the F-450 daily.

Besides, I think the F-450 KR is every bit as comfortable and luxurious as my Lexus is. Ford has REALLY done a great job satisfying those of us that care about those kinds of amenities...and the 2011 has even more cool toys.

Oh, and Randy, I'm not ignoring you! Check your PM!
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yes and no

the big difference is gearing. 3.73 vs 4.30 (there is some weight diff. but not a whole lot)
If you do mostly city driving, i'm talking 45mph and below and take it easy on the pedal and not mashing it. There might not be a whole lot different,1-2mpg's different probably.

But when you start going higher in MPH, like on Hwy's, There will be a huge difference, because you will be spinning like 600 rpm's more with 4.30

on another forum: one guy's brother works for ford in detroit, brought a f350 drw 2x4 home. He said he got to drive it and said he loved it! City driving and cruising and pretty damn sure they were not easy on throttle all the time. They said they averaged 24mpg on the lie of meter. So, if the mpg gauge is close, that IS freaking awsome gas mileage!

Like i noted above, If you do not need 24,000 lbs of towing, save yourself 5,000 dollars and go with f350 drw. And you will get better mpg's

I believe you can only get two diff. tires All terrain and regular (i'm not for certain what the stock/regular tire is) I also believe you do not need to get fx4 To get A/T's too!

Yes, there will be traction difference with A/T's in sand,rock,mud,dirt...snow a little....But given the A/T's have usually more aggressive tread pattern and usually (not always) little wider foot print...they will be worse in snow, as in the rear wheels catch more.
And the A/T's are usually heavier too,which mpg's would go down a little too!

lets do a dance

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Thanks again. Coincidentally, I just learned that MetLife Auto will NOT insure the F-450! They'll insure the F-350, but not it's bigger brother. I was told I'll need to deal with MetLife Commercial Auto. After a quick check it appears that most insurance companies will treat the F-450 the same way.

That's particularly bad news since I get a very good group discount with MetLife for auto. I can only imagine that leaving the group plan and insuring this commercially will result in almost $1K more each year in insurance costs (I pay ~$800/year. for the Lexus).

I'm going to call MetLife Commercial for the heck of it, but I may have to re-tool for the F-350. Bummer.
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i almost forgot about the f450 insurance junk. I double checked that for a 2010 and in michigan its no different than a f350, just as long as its recreational.

But, i do know a lot of states consider that commercial, because of gcwr.

I think you will just as happy with a f350, heck if you want a f450...just put f450 badge on it. lmao

You will not know the difference,unless you get closer and it has f450 badge on it.
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I have a F450 and I drive it daily. I love it great truck. I drive mine in the snow and it does great I do have some mud tires on it though. I dont really have any problems driving it around, but I guess I am just used to it. All I have really driven for a daily car is a 4x4 lifted truck and I have had a few duallys in the mix also
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Can anyone tell me about the downside of NOT having the wide track front end for the F-350? I've only driven the F-450, and loved the fact that it had a surprisingly tight turning radius. Is it going to be noticeably worse in the F-350?

I can live without the 4.3, as I think the 3.73 will be fine for me. Since everything else is pretty much the same, it seems that the F-350 is the right choice.

Thanks for the price Randy...$3K less is $3K less!
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