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Originally Posted by Weld engineer View Post
Agreed I try not to fill any of my low use power equipment with summer gas. It is formulated differently in my area and turns to garbage in weeks. Most of the higher quality 2-stroke oils now have a stabilizer in them. I did find a gas station that had a special pump with 100% gasoline for boats and power equipment. Might fill up my cans there next time I go by.
Until last year we had a station offering "alcohol free" gasoline also. No longer however. I usually run a small engine out of fuel, then add just a bit to the tank being a mixture of gasoline/sta-bil mix to set for the winter. I start the engine, starve it for fuel, then put it in storage. Never have had any problems but the storage area is also heated in the cold months. When the storage area was unheated, I followed the same procedure but filled the tanks full with the blend.

The question I seek an answer for is simply; why, or why not?
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