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Originally Posted by Fahlin Racing View Post
Ok, not having taken my saw apart yet, not enough experience with small engines, this weekend before I started cutting; did the usual clean up oil, fuel chain tension. I fire the saw up and there is pressure building up in the fuel tank and fuel spraying out from above the tank and out of the fuel cap.

I don't think I will be able to get to this soon, but it will be one of my winter projects.

Any ideas?
I have the same saw and it has a vented fuel cap with a check type valve in it to prevent spillage. Ensure it is not plugged by removing it and submerging in gas and sloshing around. Chainsaws live in a harsh environment when in use even before the ride in the back of a pickup exposed. Seldom do they get the attention they deserve and are cussed routinely when they don't start from lack of maintenance.

The question I seek an answer for is simply; why, or why not?
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