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New 7.3 owner.

Ok, I said in my hello message this:

I've been driving them for years at work, but just purchased my first diesel.

What I bought is a 01 F350 7.3 turbo 4x4 (non-dually) with about 250k on it.

What I'm looking for is to triple the torque on it, for $50!! Just kidding, I know enough to know that's horse crap. (the only way to do that is Monster stickers everywhere)

The truck is a rust free truck from the south, and been imported into NY. That gives the body about a 10 year lifespan, and with the mileage I plan on using the truck for (about 10k a year) I'd like the motor/tranny to last as long as the body does. So I'm looking for tips to make that happen. (I plan on driving the truck to work one day per week, so it'll have at least a 40 mile round trip when it's not being used)

So far the oil pan has already been replaced, as well as the front and rear main seals, all the brakes, and most of the steering components. The steering gearbox is sloppy, but I'm picking up another one this afternoon.

Feel free to point me at a thread for newb's like me, as searching turns up more stuff than I can read.
To add to that, I've been experimenting with cold starts.. It has the block heater (is this a factory option?) which I haven't used yet as I wanted to test how well the glow plugs worked.

So far, yesterday, it was about 31f, and it was grumpy starting without the heater. It took 4 or 5 cycles of the warmup before it fired the first time, and 2 more to start.

Today, it was 17f out, took 5 tries to fire once, but didn't fire again and didn't start after 10 tries.

So I plugged in the heater because I need to drive it tomorrow.

What is the normal range for needing to plug it in? Or I guess, the better question is, how cold do the glow plugs typically work on the 7.3? (I know they burn out using starting fluid

Elsewhere people suggested using K100 additive. Reading the reviews, it's miracle stuff. Does it live up to its reputation?

More questions later, and come spring I might look at mods.
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