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Need some help with my riding mower.

This thing is kicking my butt. I hate putting this much time in a mower when I have a truck I have to get done. But my yard is getting out of control thanks to all of the rain we have had. I have taken the mower deck off several times in the past to service it and sharpen the blade. I t has always gone back on without an issue. This time I had to replace the belt. That is the only difference from the other times I removed the deck. As soon as I fired it up I could smell the belt burning up. The old belt was replaced because it was so old a chunk fell off. It had no abnormal wear marks or any damage indicating it was rubbing anything. Now it is rubbing the PTO linkage with the deck both up and lowered and with the PTO engaged and disengaged. I have adjusted everything I can think of. I am stumped; no matter what I do the belt still makes contact with the PTO linkage. Any thought?

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