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Well, Backslap after I picked up all of the parts I finally had time to service it each weekend I could (its at the inlaws).

The vent I have (Stihl actually showed 2 different styles) comes up from the tank port on the left side of the handle and goes over above the carburetor and comes down slightly into a rubber holder. Other saws seem to show just a short hose with a bleeder in the end. I thought I would state that so people know the possibilities of this saw. I ran a pipe-cleaner through the tube also to be sure of no obstructions.

I spoke to a tech at the local hardware and when he gave an answer, 'if your hand is getting wet from fuel there is a good chance your fuel line going to the carb is leaking'. I tore the saw down to r&r that and I replaced the impulse-hose off the crankcase also since I was in there. Cleaned up some stuff and now I am about to hook the linkage for the chain-lock back up and fire it up again for this year and the father in-law needs some tree trimming. Wiring looks good still, I would say the one thing that would need to be replaced is going to be the bar when I can.

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