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I would sure be tempted to go with Ferret. Call them and talk to their tech guys about your applications. I took a five year break from big wheels about the turn of the century and bought a genuine, bona fide, franchise Snap On tool route. I had dealings with Ferret more than once and in my experience, they are first class and will be honest about what they are capable of. I have threatened (and may yet) to do just exactly as you are thinking with the Ferret. If I ever lose access to a Cat meter, I will. I dont know about your other applications but I studied `the Cat vs Ferret thing and I think -in theory- it should work. That said, I would definately do some real world testing to establish a baseline. Preferably, against a freshly Cat meter timed engine. Call Ferret and see what they say. I have a Ferret tach/advance digital spark ignition timing light, and sold a few as well. Less money and far more dependable than any other timing lights that I sold. How well /fast the Ferret reads the signal at inje tion line vs Cat's way of doing the math will be the answer. There may be a variation from Cat'number but if so the difference should be consistent across the scale.Let us know what you come up with.
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