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Originally Posted by SmokinCAT View Post
There is no 800hp marine cam for a mechanical engine. The 580hp marine C models uses the 0r3787 and as well as the 587hp generator set engines that the 10r1439 cylinder pack comes from.

Have your C model pump built so you can use the actual matching 0r8789(65% more fuel then a 3421) nozzle that comes in those engines.

Use pump cam 4p-0990, this is a pump cam that works in your C housing with your barrels and plungers that will allow you to use your 7FB timing advance and also has timing specs like the 24* pump cam used in the 7FB.

When the cams were changed from the 0R3013 to the 0R3787 this is the information that came out along with it.

Exactly what i was thinking Cody...why would a guy of his knowledge go and reccomend a 3421 that in any other post of his would say it doesnt match the bowl?? And yes their was good reason why they stopped offering the 3012-13 cam in them and it wasnt cause it made too much power. You can only mix and match so many things without bad stuff happening and when they offer parts that match the 1439's (OR8789) and (3787)with big horsepower why not just go with them and not have too worry!? I havent built 15million motors or whatever he has but common sense will take a guy a long wayz in the right direction right?? Just sayin...hope i dont strike a nerve! haha

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