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Cat 3406 B/C Injection pump combination

Ok guys, I have read pretty much everything I can find on here. LOTS of good information! As this is my first post(other than intro) I would like to thank you all for loads of education.

Almost a year ago I bought a 1993 peterbilt 378 (at least the cab) VIN 1XPFDB9X8PD324468
Pete says the original engine was S/N 4ck03940 (Long gone I believe).(425HP)

I cant seem to get the block clean enough to get the s/n off of it. Valve cover plate looks to say 2E(K?)00541. The 2EK is stamped over with 4CK... It appears someone pulled the original engine, replaced it with the 2ek00541, and installed all the 4ck peec parts onto it. Injection pump casting is 7E5888 with 7W683 stamped into top of pump. Truck runs good, turbo was just replaced when I bought it, marked TS466191-9001R. M289152, makes good boost (25-26 on a cool day).

Truck has very little blowby, but since I have no history on it, while it was at the cat shop getting some leaks fixed, I had them pull the pan and check some bearings. Bearings are Endurance Power @ 80%, rods looked to be aftermarket as well.

Now to the issue at hand. The injection pump is leaking oil and bonnets are leaking fuel. It also has a very slight idle surge, as well as slightly "glitchy" throttle advancement. It will be getting UN-peeced, hopefully before any major problems arise. From what I gather, I could have my pump gone through, and install a mechanical afc & governor housing, and convert my timing advance to mechanical with a weight set.

I would prefer to have a pump and timing advance built, bench tested and ready to swap to reduce downtime. I bought a 3406C s/n 8pn009900(suspected cracked head), it has the same pump casting number 7E5888 & stamped 7W683. 8 bolt timing advance, inside the timing advance you can see a part# 119-2130.

I don't know what either engine has for nozzles, but I'll be pulling the C-model apart next week hopefully. Is there any way to tell from the outside of the pump if it is a single scroll or dual scroll?

At this time I don't want to get too crazy, but 500-600 horse, would be nice. The truck is a straight truck,(gross 32,000-55,000) usually on the lighter side, so I don't have to worry about any long heavy pulls.

I planned on having Midwest Diesel in Beemer, NE do the pump work. They have a good rep around here. I'm certainly open to suggestions though.

FYI, in the future my intention is to rebuild the C-model (probably with b model injection pump parts and nozzles. Then install the fresh C-model into the work truck, and rebuild the B-model for a hot rod build.

Thanks in advance for any info. Does anyone know if Tony is still in Iowa? I'd love to throw some biz his way!
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