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Originally Posted by w9l View Post
Does your oil pressure gauge rise off the peg when cranking? If not check your oil. If oil level is ok, take the plug out of top of hpop (takes an allen wrench) and check oil level there. Should be less than an inch from top. If not, add oil and try to start. If it starts then we can discuss possible causes.
Also, when cranking, does tach needle bounce? If not check to make sure cps is plugged in and?or swap out cps with known good.
yes my oil pressure gauge does rise when cranking. oil level is fine in both areas. i also replace the cps sensor thinking it was the problem and nothing

Originally Posted by IdahoF350 View Post
Diagnostic info is a must on these trucks. Since it sounds like you have another truck that can be used for parts swapping purposes, after you check the oil levels, try swapping the Cam Position Sensor (CPS) it's a common issue, and without cam and crank position info, the computer will not fire the injectors.
replace with a new oem cps it was only $20

they told me it could be the idm but dont want to waste $200 on a rebuilt unit. will the 1997 7.3 idm and pcm work on a 2001 7.3
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