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Ok, I'm back at this.

The 2EK/4CK PEEC engine in the truck has IPD-7E8700 pistons in it. (15.2:1 according to IPD product brochure.) This engine is currently running OR3587 nozzles.

I'm delivering the pump & timing advance off of the 8PN to Diesel Specialties in Sioux City Iowa tomorrow to have them gone through. (Inside the nose of this pump 115-5700-03 9.5*) I intend to have them put the 4MG/5KJ governor spring in it. FYI: The nozzles out of the 8PN are OR8290's.

Then I'm planning on Swapping out the whole pump, while I'm getting some oil leaks on the front gear case taken care of. I already have a pedal/floor section out of a mechanical truck. I understand the camshaft in this pump may be undesirable, but I don't understand why, other than the pin timing will be 9.5*. I intend to have it meter timed, though I'm not sure to what yet. Is there another reason the 9.5* pump cam is undesirable? Is the cam profile actually different from one pump to another?

Before we tear apart my running peec engine, I'm considering having it run on a dyno, while connected to CAT's timing meter, to document the current static timing, and advance travel, as well as maximum timing. This would get me a good baseline to work off of.

I'm certainly not leaving it at 9.5*. Depending on where the PEEC timing is now, I'm leaning toward 15-17* static, and setting the start screw @ 1250 RPM. Does anyone know a good safe timing number for 15.2:1 engines?

Please advise if you have any suggestions, perhaps a suggestion on a different pump cam if in fact the lobe profile is different.

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