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p1211= injecthion control pressure above or below desired. probable causes= ipr valve failed/stuck ipr/shorted to ground. po475=exhaust pressure control valve malfunction. probable causes=open/grounded ckt,solenoid open/shorted,failed pcm. po231=fuel pump circuit failure. probable causes are fuse,relay,inertia switch,fuel pump,open/short circuit. po743=torque converter clutch system electrical. causes are faulty solenoid,circuit,pcm. p1211 may be from your dp chip, the pcm sees a higher operating range and sets the code. sounds like you may have a fuel pump inlet restriction, this will cause the po231. the spec is 6'' hg max. If you have a restricion its probably the screens, in the tank inside the fuel module. they are 200 micron screens.. I have removed the module and seen better mpg. :Thumbup:
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