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How to Install a Bedrug

This is my entry in this months giveaway.

How to install your BedRug.

Take your truck bed from used and abused...

To Dressed for success

If you are looking to dramatically change the look of your truck's bed then a Bedrug is the product for you. Bedrug can take the everyday use and abuse that a truck bed is subject to, but with a quick run through the carwash or a few strokes of the vacuum it can be show ready.

I will be showing you how quick and easy a Bedrug can be installed. This is my first time installing a Bedrug. I found Bedrug to be very user friendly. The instructions are clear but not very specific. What I am trying to show you is how easy the Bedrug is to install. You do not have to pay someone to do this install. Read the supplied instructions, follow the steps I will be showing you here and you have your new Bedrug installed in under 1 hour.

1. Check the box that your Bedrug was shipped in. It should contain the Bedrug (that comes in 2 pieces), mounting hook and loop strips and the paperwork. Read over the paperwork so you are familiar with the system.

2. Take the Bedrug out of the box and spread it out. Let it sit for a while so it can adjust to being out of the box. This will help when zipping the two pieces together.

3. After it is out of the box a while and seems to have its form put the bottom piece carpet side down. Starting on the left side start zipping the side piece to the bottom. You will have to adjust the sides as you go to contour with the bottom. Take your time and work your way around the bottom piece.

4. Set the, now one piece, Bedrug foam side down. This will give you a great idea of what it will look like installed.

5. If you have a bed liner in your truck it will have to be taken out. If it has been on your truck for any length of time your bed probably looks like this:

6. You will need to wash the bed thoroughly. Use dishwashing liquid and a lint free cloth. Go over the whole bed. Starting on the sides and bulkhead work your way down to the floor. Start on the floor closest to the cab. Work your way backwards. The last thing you will wash will be the tailgate. Using a garden hose or you can go to your local carwash, wash the bed out making sure that all the soap has been washed away.

7. Dry the bed out with lint free towels. Once you have done that let the truck sit in the sun for a little while to make sure it is completely dry. Use a non-petroleum based solvent, like rubbing alcohol, to clean the areas where the hook and loop system will be adhered.

8. Now is a good time to inspect the bed. Look for scratches or rust on the surface. If you find any scratches or rust take some fine sandpaper and rough the area up. Then use a rust preventing spray paint to touch up those areas. Taking this precaution now will help save you money down the road. When you have done all those steps the truck bed will look similar to this:

9. Take the one piece Bedrug and set it in the bed

10. Standing beside the bed, work the Bedrug into place. The zipper area is a great guide for making sure the corners and sides are in place. Put your fingers on the zipper and work the bedrug into the corners and sides.

11. Get in the truck bed. Start at the bulkhead, making sure the Bedrug is in place against the edges. Work your way down each side. You will notice the bedrug is formed to every part of the bed. It fits in the contours of the bed sides and floor. This is also the point where you will notice a HUGE advantage of a Bedrug. Your knees aren't killing you. The foam backing on the Bedrug forms to the ridges on the floor. This gives you and even, soft surface to work on.

12. Once you are sure that the Bedrug is in place, get the two long strips out of the included bag of hook and loop strips. Pull one side of the bedrug back to expose one side of the hook and loop system. This is one place that I suggest a different method of attaching the hook and loop system. If you look at the Bedrug and the location where the hook and loop system attaches, it sits on the first floor ridge beside the fender well.

Place the strip on the first ridge making sure to line it up with the strip sewn into the Bedrug

Do this part while sitting in the middle of the Bedrug. This will keep the Bedrug from moving and allow you to stretch it if needed. Check to make sure to push the zipper into the contours of the bed. If you need to adjust it, now is the time to make sure the fit is perfect.

13. Put the side of the Bedrug against the side of the bed. You will see two lines on the carpet floor were the hook and loop system have been sewn in. Press this area firmly to insure that the proper connection has been made.

14. Do the other side of the Bedrug the same way as described above.

15. Now you are ready to start at the Bulkhead. Again, push against the zipper to make sure that corners and edges are flush. Starting in the left corner bottom, push the bedrug in place. Take the supplied short strips of hook and loop, take off the backing and apply one at a time to the strip sewn into the Bedrug. Push the Bedrug in place then apply pressure to the area where the hook and loop makes contact with the bed.

16. Continue applying the hook and loop strips across the bottom, then the middle and finally the top. The top edge of the Bedrug should be flush with the top edge of the bulk head.

17. Use the same process for the sides

18. If you have been working the Bedrug in place when you get to the ends it should look like this

19. When done with the sides and bulkhead they should look like this:

20. This is how a properly installed Bedrug should look:

21. The final step is the tailgate. Pull up the part of the Bedrug that covers the gap between the bed and tailgate. This will make it easier to put the tailgate portion of the Bedrug in place.

22. Line up the Bedrug just below the tailgate cap. Pull back the Bedrug so you can place the hook and loop strips on the tailgate.

23. Fold the tailgate part of the Bedrug into the Bed. Now that you know where the strips should be placed. Put the recommended amount on the tailgate.

24. Put the tailgate part of the Bedrug into place. Start adhering the hook and loop from the front of the tailgate (closest to the bed). Stretch the Bedrug into place. Then pull the Bedrug to the next row of hook and loop strips.

25. You can leave the piece covering the gap pulled up or you can push it down in the gap. That is your choice. It works well either way. I prefer the pushed down look just for the clean lines.

26. Your install is done. Lay down on your nice soft truck bed and enjoy the great look and feel of your Bedrug.

Here are some pics of an installed Bedrug.

Article and Pictures by Jon Tuckwood
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I can't see any pics at the moment.

I love the bedrug. Incredible durabilty.

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