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Shane, Here is the story from the top.

I place my order on a Friday, I'm told exhaust will ship on Monday muffler on Tuesday Gauges in about 2 weeks .......I'm happy

Tuesday the following week exhaust comes......I'm happy

2 weeks go by no muffler, I call am told it'l be shipped out the following week and the gauges are on the way.......I'm happy

Gauges arive....I'm happy By the way ya'll did an outstanding job on the assembly and paint.:Thumbup:

Thursday,this past week, I called to check on the muffler the nice woman on the phone said she would check on it and get back to me..Not.....

Friday am I called and let a message on you'r machine....no call back...

Friday pm 5:30 I guess ya'll are gone for the day and I'm stuck waiting till Tuesday to find out whats going on and I post.. Kinda PO'd that I don't have a clue whats going on.

I decide to call in the hopes ya'll might still be there, wich you were, and was told UPS lost the muffler...Ok I'm not happy but I can deal....

I never got a message, and was told the tracking #'s would be e-mailed.
Ya'll had both my #'s to call

By the way I'm not trying to make a pissing match here but the gift cert reads like this"This certificate may not be used in conjunction with any other promotions or giveaways on the internet or locally already in process at Bay Area Performance"

I guess that could mean only one gift certificate per order.:shrug:

Sorry If I'm comming across as an ***** but I'm in the service industry too I probly go way above and beyond to give a level of CS I like to get. Maybe I just expect too much.

'00 cc f 350 a few mods, and a bts tranny.

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