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That is an EXCELLANT article!

I would like to point out one error, and offer some additional information.

The VT365/6.0L does NOT use an EVRT as stated, it is NOT an "Electronic" variable response turbo. It uses a simple on/off solenoid and "duty cycle" from the PCM to control vane position, much like the IPR valve. The EGR DT466/570s DO use the EVRT style turbos.

Your friendly local International Dealer offers a KIT to service the turbocharger, the P/N is: 1870713C91 and it contails all the items required to clean the turbos.

Additionally, the vane POSTS, unison ring, and flat side of the exhaust housing should be coated with the supplied HIGH TEMPERATURE Anti-Sieze compound. NOT slobbered on, but apply a light coating - just enough to cover those parts. Also, DO NOT coat the vanes themselves.

If you mess up and nick the impeller wheel, the turbo is JUNK, so use EXTREME CARE and the included protective covers while cleaning.

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