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Contain the BTU's...
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Adventures in 6.0 exhaust mods part #2

Adventures in 6.0 PSD exhaust mods part #2

So maybe you enjoyed my first attempt at sharing power secrets or completely disagree with it. If so, this next part should send you reeling into the stratosphere and railing about my personal opinions…. 
I tried to offer a few insights into “turbo-feeding” in part #1 and I think a few folks are still reluctant to consider the changes based on the emails. As mentioned in my earlier thread, many people have tried one or some combination of tricks but none have completed the puzzle from what I see in the threads. Its all in the BTU’s and how you use them. I’ll try and present the “tricks” a little differently.

Exhaust flow with-in a turbo system is not a bigger is better thing. Its about maintaining the desired exhaust gas velocity to ensure that proper torque is applied to the turbine wheel. This process is focused on achieving the minimum efficient turbine speed so that our turbo’s create boost at the lowest rpm possible. In-other-words, we are making the MAP wider and sooner which has the effect of making a very responsive low & midrange rpm diesel. (* claims of big improvements high in the rpm band don’t interest me as these changes only severely limit the 6.0’s low end pulling potential which btw is why 99% of Powerstroke owners purchased the F-series.*) just for the record, a 6.0 liter engine can’t produce enough exhaust volume to exceed a 4 inch mandrel system. Larger sizes only improve ones ego and produce more harmonics. Class 8 14 liter “big boys” are running a single 4 inch pipe btw.
I know many of you are very tired of reading my rants about drive-pressure but if anyone missed the definitions and why’s please refer to part#1. Any turbo’s total flow capability is governed by drive pressure. This one variable alone is what dictates how, when, and how long boost is produced. However, after several changes and much testing, the VGT housing can be modified to substantially improve low-end boost response. When I’m finished playing with the prototype, I’ll post pics although the important changes can’t really be seen very well with a camera from the outside….

I’ve decided to focus my posting efforts on the working folks who make a living with there 6.0 PSD. So the following mods are intended for those who will retain most of the OEM components. For this reason, my observations are with a stock VGT and exhaust manifolds since most 6.0 owners will never need to remove the OEM units. The V-pipe minus its EGR scoop is basically stock and very similar to pics posted by Mr presented in part #1.

So how did I improve upon the tweeking in part#1?

First I installed my new Y-pipe design that incorporates everything I mentioned in part one and a few others “tricks”. I’m rather amazed at the improvements this mod alone provided! Then I called Tim Thompson at ATP-wrap to have Inconel shields made to ensure the maximum amount of heat energy is transferred to the turbine to make more BOOST! *check out the Alloy racing tab and feast your eyes on some true works of art!* This technology has been and is in use by Formula One, IRL, and Cart to name a few, IT SIMPLY WORKS!

Attachment 7096 Attachment 7097 Attachment 7099 Attachment 7098 Attachment 7094 Attachment 7095

The turbine shield consist of multiple pieces so it can be installed with the turbo in place. This one addition is amazing in its benefits. The Y-pipe, EGR tubes and exhaust manifolds are fully covered as well to ensure every possible btu is managed. Before anyone drops your coffee, consider this, inconel is nearly indestructible for our needs and will retain its “bling” factor forever! Most other shield materials will deteriorate over time from the intense heat and will need replacing.

Attachment 7092 Attachment 7093

Please don’t confuse a thin aluminum deflector with a properly designed reflective shield. I’ve personal seen and witnessed a gloved hand placed on a turbine housing during a dyno pull with no burns! The combo of ceramics and inconel works wonders.
Consider this for a moment; a turbine housing can easily reach over 1200F while pulling a load over the hills. Its very unlikely these shields will exceed an external temp of 300F no matter what the 6.0 is doing. Insulating the turbine housing does several things; first it will usually remove or at least reduce turbo lag to unnoticeable levels! This one benefit is worth the cost IMHO. Second, increased internal turbine temps serve to maintain cleaner surfaces, ie, much less soot buildup because the unburned fuel particles are ignited which btw acts like the later stages in a jet engine design. When combined with the correct ceramic coatings, soot buildup is a non issue. Speaking of aviation engineering, which alloy do they use in high performance jets? Yep, inconel because it works!
Now that the entire exhaust track is insulated properly, the throttle response is outstanding and rivals that of a well built big block turbo gasser. 

Attachment 7090 Attachment 7091

So what are the results of my mad methods you ask? Well, believe it or not, you can touch the manifolds or turbine shields while setting on the dyno and NOT BURN your fingers! Simple put, the heat energy that previously cooked your engine compartment, roasted your starter, and fried the audio system to the point of not working is now being forced to drive the turbine wheel.* maximum surface temp of the turbine shield does not exceed 190F on mine! Question??? How hot must cast iron be to glow? That number is what’s hitting your firewall and being wasted on an unprotected 6.0 * I believe with the added exhaust temp / velocity, a slighty larger turbine housing and or turbine wheel could be used to further reduce the drive pressure so inherently high with VGT designs. To correctly manage a thermal mass; and then channel the extreme heat waves, pulses, reflections, and expanding gases directly into the turbine section, is much more involved then what most believe. Ensuring the maximum amount of exhaust energy is channeled into the turbine section is immensely important to ensure max torque is applied within the turbine wheel itself. Turbine Efficiency is the biggest secret that most overlook.
For those looking to reduce fuel cost and improve your bottom line profits, I highly recommend the turbine and V-pipe shields.
I thought the dyno numbers issue over a long time, and decided that since my combination is different from any other, posting dyno results is relevant and only serves to build false hopes in people looking to improve drivability. For this reason and the fact I despise false advertising, I feel its in everyone’s best interest to allow the modifications and products mentioned to stand alone in there benefits. After all physics and thermal dynamics don’t lie!

Heres a few observed benefits so far on my 04 test mule with 91K miles; it has an intake kit., 4” exhaust with cat in place but modified to except 4” in & out, all items mentioned above, regulated fuel bypass kit running about 30 psi at idle & 50 psi at WFO. Custom tune via a SCT . Everything else is as it was when shipped from Kentucky.

Peak EGT’s (working or playing) are lower by nearly 130F than before the project. The temp reduction is from increased exhaust flow and substantial reduction in pressure drop thru-out the system. Additional benefits are the throttle response is improved, warm up times are slighty shorter, and I can open the hood after dragging a 12Klb trailer around and its not that bad should one need to polish something.
*intake manifold temps are down about 100F based on manifold surface temps via a laser gauge and I’ll bet a few beers intake air temps are better overall but I have yet to confirm it.*
*No longer will the ICP sensor get wrecked because radiate heat is now a full 80% lower than stock.
*Internal turbine temps are probably 300F higher than stock. This increase acts to further burn unspent fuel and greatly reduces soot buildup. Additional benefits are the emissions are now cleaner than OEM levels. This little point is true on any internal combustion engine gas or diesel. The hotter it burns, the cleaner it be!
One additional benefit I must mention, placing all available BTU’s in the turbine track, provides additional torque to spin larger compressors folks. This means the Turbine output power is now higher and at much higher efficiency levels . Dig out the turbo wheel application catalogs and compare the forces, most are listed in in-lbs or Newton-meters.
* The OEM heat deflectors are an insult to basic thermal design engineering and no longer needed or used.*
*The AC is blowing colder as its components are no longer being bombarded by the 700F passenger exhaust manifold and the accumulator is must colder by about 30F. All good!*
*No more smoke! The 6.0 is using all the fuel Eric’s extreme file can delivery without major modifications to fuel system hardware.
*Need another reason? How about an easy two to five percent increase in proven horsepower by ceramics alone!
*Safe to the ground power figures of 450+hp are very achievable when the 6.0 PSD is allowed to breath freely.
The only negatives to date are the rather “elevated” exhaust temps at the exhaust tip and the increased whistle. Depending on how old your exhaust system is, it may again smell like new for awhile as the back half is tempered by the increased temps. Exhaust tip temps are very high now and can burn things under heavy load. In fact, the exhaust gases now condense some mornings and “she” looks like a steam engine as I creep out to the street.
*funny story, I had a guy (I think) follow me into the local Loves truck stop and bit** me out about how I burned his cheek in his little convertible whatever…….you have no idea how hard it was to keep a straight face while I continued to fuel up with B20……his male (I think) passenger kept complaining OMG how they needed to leave before one of those big trucks ran over them 
The second item I suspect some will prefer because the 6.0 sings when cruising. I’m personally not a fan of anything that detracts from my stealth mode especially when I have to turn up the stereo…..

Would I do it again? Yes, only next time I plan to pull the 6.0 and rebuild it from scratch since the dealer cant seem to stop the bed plate from leaking…..Heck, if it has to be out why not do it right. After the crafting is complete, ceramic coat everything including the combustion chambers, valve faces, exhaust port passages (new heads), pistons, rods, and crank as these steps force the heat energy to push the piston and greatly reduce head temps. Remember were after every last BTU to spin the turbine. O-ringing the block & heads, much more porting and matching, ceramic coat most surfaces, then remove the EGR cooler and install the fogger nozzles from below the new custom modified, TIG welded intake…hee…hee….hee…

In case a few interested parties are still wondering about the Y-pipe design, I’ve had one P.E., one aeronautical engineer and two M.E.’s review the design intent and I’m now waiting on the patent papers before I release the final designs for sale. All I can say now is the low and midrange response is beyond my hopes. The plan is to offer a kit for all 6.0’s. If it works for all parties, I also have 7.3 plans, and even a fix for the Duro-dog. But one thing at a time…..
I will need one or two local folks who drive there trucks everyday under city or towing conditions just to ensure some real world testing data. My and my Dad’s trunks aren’t really work horses anymore so I want to be certain the kit can take the heat cycling.
For you drag racing folks, I feel 100% certain the kit will improve the 60ft times a bunch assuming the other parts hold together.


“with a little Imagineering, a couple lathes, and a few TIG welders, a guy named Walt created a place called Disney! Just think what we can do to our 6.0’s”
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Several 04, 05, 06, and a few 07 6.0's
The toy: 05 CC 4x4 SB HD with a few changes.

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Ile be your huckaby......The under the hood temp drops are outstanding to say the more waiting 3 hours to tinker on this or that...great work wekiwa....
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Yeah, if you need another test mule, I'm game.

excellent write up.
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Great write up! :Thumbup: Any idea on a release date?

'03 F-250 6.0 SC/SB
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13.31 @ 100 1.76 60 ft. on ULSD
12.89 @ 103 1.76 60 ft. on the jug with #2 fuel

'90 Notch
304 cu in. with a small turbo
10.76 @ 122 1.42 60 ft.
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great write up
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I want to be one of your testers, and oddly enough I am in Texas as well! Great write up and very useful information. Thanks again!
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Interesting info. Sounds like your on to something. I'll be interested to see how all the tests work out as I drive my truck for a living 6 days a week and play on the 7th: .
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Got Torque?
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Any idea on cost/timing?

Another thought, the components you are insulating, they will now be runnin at a few hundred degrees hotter. I've heard of pipes cracking when this is done, so my question is, how certain are we you that heat fatigue won't ruin the whole upgrade? I mean, works great now and next week, but 6-12 months down the line, something goes and you are in trouble. I still like the idea a lot, but i wonder whether we may need better metals to take the extra heat.


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Too much into it now...
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Thanked 41 Times in 40 Posts we order the wraps from you or ATPWRAP?? much $$$?
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Originally Posted by Extended Power we order the wraps from you or ATPWRAP?? much $$$?
Call Tim at ATP. Pricing is Tim's area, I simple asked for a product to help the 6.0 run better!


Several 04, 05, 06, and a few 07 6.0's
The toy: 05 CC 4x4 SB HD with a few changes.

You only get one chance to provide good customer service the first time. If you do, your customers may tell a few people about you. If you don't, a dissatisfied customer will tell everyone they know and some they dont about you!
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