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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Shay!!!!!

You already have my suggestion, just wanted to be the first to say hey on the new site!!

Cheers, Wade

P.S. Anyone feel lucky enough to try and beat the mighty d-max is more than willing to come from far and near to try their fate :evil: .

At least it will be same rollers, same day..............not calling anyone out or anything.................... (Dockboy) :Thumbup:

Lots of go fast parts
ATS tranny with co-pilot!!
Custom tuning + Nitrous & Powershot 2000
11.931 @ 118.66 w/N20 & Pane 6000ft
11.919 @ 116.66 w/N20 & Pane 6000ft
12.391 @ 112.11 w/N2O 6000ft
13.160 @ 104.55 #2 only 6000ft

**The surgeon general never said anything about smokin the competition.***
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