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Originally Posted by ShayB
Hey, hey, hey there Wade. You be nice. No ill motor wishes upon anyone. We do have a trailer though just for the occasion. Alan's Dad was nice enough to go buy one (he just thinks it is for his 4 wheelers :evil: ).

We have been trying to get Greg to come out here for Truck Fest, so hopefully he makes it! I am working on gathering up a list of hotels within reason to Bandimere that will offer discounts that weekend, plus we will have some room at our house. It sounds like there will be a good amount of out of towners coming in, so we are trying to arrange a welcome party on the Friday night before.

And yes, dukey is a funny guy. Let's hope he can make it to Indy without a sling, brace or cast on.
Ah, come on Shay, I'm only trying to rattle his chains a little!!! you know I wouldn't wish that kind of thing on anybody!!!.......not even Dockboy

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