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Originally Posted by 99BoggerTJ
Ya Jeff told us about it. To be honest, I looked at the website and it wasn't very impressive. But Im not buying a website, Im looking for a bulletproof tranny, thats why I'm on here asking actual customers their opinions.

Thanks everyone, I will definately give them a call and see what they have to offer.

They have champange shop with a beer budget website.

Brian's shop is one sweet setup, he has the bays for installing the tranny's, an inhouse dyno, and when he builds the tranny's he goes into the "surgery" area, one room that was designed to do one thing in, build tranny's, no tools needed to build the tranny leave that room, nothing else is done in that room, only tranny parts are in that room, and when Brian starts the surgery, he don't quit until the patient is whole and ready to be released.

While your there, have Cale get a chip for the truck ready, and then slap it in and take it for a run, and see if you like it....you won't want to remove it once its in there.
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