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Early 99 People; You must upgrade your PCM

Installed an NVK5 PCM which I got from DP Tuner this week in preparation for getting my injectors rebuilt. HOLY &#@%!!! It feels like I have a new truck even with my ailing and weak injectors. The shifting is SOOOO much better; more solid and timed better with speed. The XLE4 shifting always felt like it was never engaging the TC enough and shifting too soon between 3 and 4. I swear I have a whole new gearbox with this PCM. Oh, and I now have black smoke. Feels like I have a fuel box on it now; there's so much more power. Taking the ponies riding tomorrow; can't wait to see what it feel like hauling the gooseneck. Can't even imagine what this truck will feel like when I get the Stage 1 single shots and DP Tuner F5 installed. I also cut out the PCM case for easier install of my future F5 chip:

If you have an early 99 and have not done this upgrade, call DP Tuner and get a PCM before they sell out this batch they just got. Best $200 I've spent yet on this truck.


Early 99 Crew Cab Long Bed Lariat 4x4 7.3L PSD Primary Horse Hauling Rig
-Stage 1 160cc Single Shot Injectors - DP Tuner F5 - 60 Tow, 80 Econo, High Idle, Stock - NVK5 PCM thanks to DP Tuner
-Home Brew fuel system with Aeroquip socketless fittings, socketless hose, and Aeromotive Regulated Return
-4" Lift 285/75R16 E Nitto Dura Grapplers - 5" MKO Aluminized Exhaust w/6" Stainless Tip - Pair of Optima Red Tops - Napa 6637 Air Intake filter - Triple Gauge A-pillar Pod w/Autometer UltraLite:Trans, EGT, Boost - CCV Mod
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