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Originally Posted by ITPDiesel
on the guinnea pig deal! It's usually us business owners that have the crappy looking test stuff.

I've never talked to DJ, but I was under the impression that he wasn't modifying/replacing the regulator. I thought his mods were to the pump itself.

Hopefully his piece and mine don't look too much alike, I've been working on a replacement regulator fitting as well...wouldn't want to be accused of copying anyone. Big difference is that mine isn't intended to be a standalone mod, it will be part of a complete fuel system setup like we do for the 7.3L trucks. Either way, more power to you and DJ and everyone else that's trying to make the 6.0s scream!

I beleive he is making a kit, banjo, Pressure Excellarator, and lines. I'm not sure though, I know it's being released I beleive next week.

Ring his bell!!!!

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