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07 LBZ tuning help

I just traded my 05 LLY 2500 for a 07 LBZ 3500 DRW. I was very happy with my previous truck setup but I know there are other options now. I previously had the edge juice with attitude, boost stick, EGR blocker plate, finger stick, and 4" turbo back exhaust. I liked the edge unit because of the gauges it gave me and the selectable power settings. When empty I would run 3/5 and towing I would run 1/2 or 2/2. I have a 5er that is very heavy. 16K normally loaded. I understand EFI Live can now do everything I did before with physical parts. I don't understand it much though and don't know if I want to start trying to program the truck myself. I am considering a tuned ECM from kennedy but have minor concerns about not having a selectable power setting for when I tow heavy. I don't want to limp the tranny pulling a large grade. I also would not have the gauges that the attitude monitor gives. I don't have much knowledge of the banks system but I also liked how easy the edge unit went in and out for stealer service needs. Does banks go in and out easily? Should I go back to the same setup I had before or is there a better solution now? HELP!
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