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a few questions on the 7.3

Hey, im new to diesels. Im choosing between a ford 7.3 and a dodge cummins..i have a hard time bringing myself to buying a dodge because i really like fords, but the gas milage that they get is amazing. my friend has a 2003 cummins 2500 with a chip and intake and exhaust and with his chip turned all the way up he gets around 27mpg on the highway.

if i am to get a 7.3 stock either 2wd or 4wd what milage should i expect?

if i am to get a 7.3 and modify it (i.e. chip, intake, turbo back exhaust [either stacks or just out the rear], new turbo impeller...and probably a torque converter and a valve body just to help the tranny out) anyone with close to these specs?
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