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Originally Posted by Choke_On_My_Smoke
Dont feel bad Luke,

Those WRX's can get nasty some some mods, we have a local one here that's at the track all the time posting some deep 11sec runs. It's also the kids daily driver. The Suburu WRX, Mitsubishi Evo's & Dodges Srt-4's are dangerous imports!

Besides your regular Old School TT Supras, RX-7's, 300 ZX's and ofcourse the new Generation of RB25/26 motors and Actual Skylines we are seeing in the states now a days. Those are the ones you keep your foot off the pedal when they are cruising next to you and let them go by! lol!

WRXs, Evos, supras, and skylines are freaking FAST but srt-4s are SLLLLLLOOOOO
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