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I had this WRX on my *** one day on a two lane 45 MPH road. He finally got a chance to pass me and all I could here was that little turbo whining. He had all the fancy little gauges and big muffler. I had the 80 HP Edge tune loaded that day for some reason. Well I stay on his *** (was hard for him to pass anyone, both lanes were full) for the next 100yds . Well we pull up to the red line and he is one car length behind me. I start out reall slow (maybe 5MPH) and let that car next to me get ahead and the little WRX get right next to me. We keep it at a very slow speed until ther is about 50yds ahead of us that is clear. Well I hear that little turbo spooling again and I nail it while in 1st gear (his window is right at my exhaust) I bark the tires and blow smoke all over him and hit a good second and bark the tires again. He's right next to me now and misses second and I pull way ahead of him. He then will not pass me even after I slow to the speed limit. I know that little car would have ate my lunch but it was funny after he missed his shift and stayed back in traffic.
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