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Electrical chaos when starting...

I leave the building at work last night and head for my truck. Hit the remote, the doors unlock and the dome light comes on. Get it, put the key in the ignition and it dings at me cuz the door is open ...everything is normal so far. I turn the key to the on position to let the GPs do their job and the dash lights come on like they're supposed to for a split second, then everything goes blank. Try to turn the engine over and nothing but an odd click from somewhere near the glovebox. I turn the key off, then backwards to accessory and it seems normal. I turn it back to on and the same thing, lights come on for a split second, then blank, engine won't turn over, clicking from near the glove box. Then some of the dash lights start flashing very slowly and dimly (at random) and there is a clicking from somewhere under the gauge cluster. The wipers come on super slow even though their switch is off. The clicking and lights start real slow but continue to get faster until they're both almost constant and I'm imagining an explosive device ready to detonate ...I turn the key and the truck fires right up. I drove it home, an hour trip, and everything was fine. Stopped twice in town where I had to turn the truck off and it fired right back up both times.

Then I had a repeat performance this morning leaving home and I fully expect the same issue when I leave work tonight.

Any ideas?

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