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Programmer is a much better solution since it has complete control over the trans. No matter what power level you choose the trans should be controlled. Letting the pcm compensate for the extra power is no where near as good as mofifying the trans control tables in the computer. 5" system is overkill and is also not made in stainless steel. Aluminized steel readily radiates heat from it, so using that pipe in a turbo diesel application will allow it to cook anything near by. Stainless steel keeps alot more of the heat inside the pipe where it belongs. A 3.5" downpipe is fine since the outlet of the turbo is only 3.5 inches. Going to a 4" downpipe will result in a slight loss since the factory programming looks at exhaust backpressure and adjusts the Variable geometry turbo. When is doesn't see backpressure it opens the vanes and will cost you some low end, but this can be compensated for with an SCT. A magnaflow system isn't too loud until you get on it and then it makes a mean growl thats not over powerful.
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