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after a lot of money the truck still ain't right

Well, here is the issue. to refresh some memories, i have a 2001 HO 6-speed with 68500. added exhaust and intake before adding a quadzilla exillerater xzt+ (timing and fuel).a week after the module install truck started to vibrate more and started hearing x-tra noise. unpluged module and still vibrated and the engine still didn't seem as smooth. to date i have adjusted valves, installed airdog fuel system, installed new 40 hp injectors, installed new vp44 from blue chip. after the new vp44 install with the module plugged in but on stock setting, the truck seemed a lot smoother. then put the module on level 3 (which is only 70 hp) and drove for awhile and the vibrating came back and the x-tra noise. at 2000 rpm on the highway it has good power but its not smooth, its like there is one odd spot that you can hear, but the power is pretty good. you can feel the vibration in the shifter. i am at the end of my rope with this and my budget some one PLEASE help!
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