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wow thanks for all the replys.i can hear this odd knocking just sitting idleing. it goes with rpm, the higher the rpms the quicker the knocking, now its not very loud but i can hear it. it never had that before. the vibration i feel in the stick is less with the module disconnected. when on high the stick vibrates alot more. now after the new vp44 was on i drove with it on high. the power was insain, but the knocking was still there. the power was for the first time splipping the clutch. in 3rd or 4th gear i'd mat the thing and r's would go up higher than normal then come down and the truck would accelerate faster when the r;s come down. could a going bad clutch make this knocking , why is this vibration worse when module on high, if the clutch could do this this would make sense that the extra power made the clutch weeker.
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