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just bought 99' 24v

So i have officaly gotten my head back on straight after having my 04' ford stolen and totaled and bought a 1999 dodge 2500 24valve 4x4 its got a 5 speed in it. now im wondering what i need to do to it ive already got a straight pipe for it and i know im gona get an intake and gauges but what chip or programer is gona be best for it??? Im gona be commuting with it about 100 miles a day and its over a major pass but i also wana be able to take it out on the weekends and play. Also i know about the fuel pump issues and was wondering what the best remody for those are?

1999 dodge 2500 24v ext cab long bed 4x4, nv4500 w/a LUK clutch, 5" straight pipe to 6" stacks, Red Oak Diesel VP44, holley black lift pump and big line kit, edge juice w/ attitude, RV275's, Modified intake horn and plate, Lock-N-Stich'd 53 Block, BHAF, no silencer, 06' 17" rims w/ 295/70/17 nitto terra grapplers.

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