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Originally Posted by NukleusX
The setup in my signature as said produced 249/588 back in october. I would assume perhaps if my tranny held somewhat better then/was built a little better would have done 25/50 more or so. I would say to make MY truck hit 300 would just add a set of injectors but then I would have to watch my EGTs closer or buy a turbo that flows more air. Its all one big puzzle really.

Bottom line for me though, if I had a transmission that was in great working order, I could and would say I would be content with the power my truck puts down, at least for the time being-

A tranny is key to making power on the dyno. If it slips not only does than energy go to heat instead of the rear wheels, but it also doesn't allow the dyno to load the engine as much. This loading is an important factor, maybe not an extreme amount with less than 500hp, but when your looking for tripple digits, it can be a 100+hp difference.

You should be able to pull off 300-350hp with stock injectors. Some 215's would be capable of 4-500hp if you feed them well :
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