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Originally Posted by pugetlexus
I am skeptical about this new development ; though i know it must happen. I cannot trust GM to get anything right the first time, or even the second.
they design and build by committee.
I just bought my first Dmax -what a joke this truck is--expensive joke.
except for the ride, it is inferior to everything out there. in economy, and durability (mine has totaled 4 weeks in the shop so far and it needs to go back.).
and another question .
Why did not GM rely on the Exceptional talents at Detroit Diesel who, hands down build the finest diesels in the world and instead go along with Isuzu? Gm owned Detroit for years the choice should be obvious.
How i would love to see a detroit series 30 or 40 long life sleeved motor inline six in a GM pickup.
something with power, economy, and and longevity. it would kick the butt of cummins which has always been inferior to either Cat ,Isuzu or detroit, in the large engines and would be inferior in the pickup class if other majors took the market seriously and built an inline design for the small truck.
another thing, this engieering development for the small v8 is but piss in a bucket with the six or a 5 cylinder none of this fancy routing of air would be necessary and there is room left over under the hood.

Ever since the majors went from the inline six, the motors have not been as good.

The dt 466 and 360: infinitely superior to the powerjoke and Isuzu's 6's are indestructible; literally if they have oil and water they will run forever.

as for this new 4.5? forget it, you can have it, it will be a basket of problems for the first years at least and never live up to the potential of an inline design.
what did you drive before your duramax? how come you didnt' stick with what you had before? what are you breaking on the duramax? I do also agree Gm makes a weak truck, but the motor from my standpoint is very strong, the allison, not so much.

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