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Originally Posted by smokndiesel7588
I pulled out the other day and was accelerating, when the CEL came on and the truck went from 40mph down to 30mph for a short distance. I ran a code check on an ODB II scanner and pulled a P1689 (No communication between ECM and Injector pump module), a P0234 (Engine overboost), and a P0500 (No vehicle speed sensor signal). Then that night, I got on the accelerator at a redlight and it accelerated to 35 smoothly, then a few audible pops came from somewhere in the drivetrain. I got stopped at a train and hopped out to check that all the u-joints and parts of the driveshafts were tight.

Could this be my tranny causing the codes to pop up when the truck goes into the temporary "limp" mode? :shrug: I had the injector pump and lift pump replaced just over 3 months ago.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
P1689 (No communication between ECM and Injector pump module) (LIMP MODE! is used for this error)
Check all the wiring between the injection pump and the ECM... There was a moment of time when the ECM couldn't talk to the injection pump. Dirty connector or such...

P0500 (No vehicle speed sensor signal)
Usualcase by spinning the tires. You got to remember there is speed sensors in front and the rear tire where spinning faster than the fronts and create a error. Nothing to worry about...

P0234 (Engine overboost) (LIMP MODE! is used for this error)
You got a wastegate problem or MAP sensor problem... I don't see any performance box or programmer in the signature... So normally there is a boost fooler and boost elbow used for extra boost.

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