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Parts list needed for performing headgaskets or installing studs

well i will let you know all the parts needed but ford in there wonderfull wisdom took the headgasket kit away from us about 2 years ago.
So here are the parts with part numbers needed to perform the task sorry i just get tired of typing it on every thread.

3C3Z-9J469-AA O-Ring Heater Tube Front
3C3Z-9229-AA O-Ring Kit Injector ((((8 of these))))
VC-1 Motorcraft® Premium Cooling System Flush
ZC-31-A Motorcraft®Metal Surface Prep
3C3Z-6051-CA Head Gasket Kit Built Before 10/2003 (Figure 8 For Application)
6C3Z-6051-A Head Gasket Kit 20 mm Align Dowels (Figure 8 For Application)
4C3Z-6051-EA Head Gasket Kit 18 mm Align Dowels (Figure 8 For Application)
4C3Z-6051-DA Head Gasket Kit Over Size (Figure 8 For Application)

also when you go to parts recommend getting the big intake gasket kit that includes turbo mounting, egr mounting and intake gaskets should be around 125 buxx thats about it
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