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That housing should have a cast number in it, which will be your ex. housing size. Generally they are pretty large which means relatively cool temps, but lower drive pressure and slower spool up. You will also need some sort of adapter to get from the stock t3 flange to the t4 flange on the turbo, and you will have to hook up oil and the downpipe. Since you already have the charger, it honestly shouldn't be that hard to get hooked up and going and shouldn't be too expensive either.

I would imagine that you would need at least 150hp injectors to really get it spinning, and it won't be great for towing. The auto trans trucks seem to like 12-14cm housings for normal driving on the street and the sticks can run 14-16cm housings with enough fuel, and you're looking at larger than that. If you have a stick drivability won't as bad. I guess, I'm just saying that there are definitely better turbos out there for the application, but for the price it might be worth it for you to try.

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