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Red face Would a coolant filter help?

Had a new EGR valve & cooler installed last week of June (expensive!) Kept hearing the fan kick in high gear. Took to another shop (back where I bought the truck), 2nd week of July. This time I paid for a new oil cooler, and yes, another EGR cooler. I did get the old parts, and yes you can clearly see the sludge in the coolant portion of the oil cooler. Oh yeah, the truck is stock and has 114k miles on it.

Technician tells me that Ford has redesigned the oil cooler to reduce oil cooler problems. True or not? I don't know. Just looking at the cooler and how it integrates into the engine, I don't see what will prevent the sludge from collecting again. Nor do I see how flushing the coolant system will remove any coolant sediment that's settled in such a recess.

I've been reading that some are installing a coolant filter off of one of the heater hoses. What do you think? Will it work? Better than nothing?

At this point I've decided that the 100k coolant flush isn't nearly frequent enough.

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