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Posting Rules

Welcome to TheDieselGarage. we want you to enjoy your time here, all we ask is that you follow a few rules. We have a fairly lenient Moderation Policy here. But if you repeatedly break rules, you can find another place to go. We are all adults here, and we expect our members to act that way.

*You will need to register a username....one username. Multiple usernames are not allowed.

*No profane or vulgar usernames are allowed.

*If you give your username and password to someone, and they break the rules with your username, it will be treated as if you have done it yourself. So, if you plan on letting anyone have access to your usermane, be sure they are trustworthy.

*You may choose a Custom User Title here. No profanity or vulgarity may be used in the Custom User Title.


*You may upload an avatar. No nudity, foul language, or anything that the staff feels is lewd, tasteless or offensive. When choosing your avatar, ask yourself this question: "Would this be seen on Network Television?" If the answer is no, then don't cry when the staff asks you to remove it. This is not a porn site or a place to view porn. It is a diesel site. If you want porn, search porn on Google, you will be entertained for hours.

*Signatures may not have pictures larger than 180x180 No animated pictures. Signatures may contain links, but may not use a font larger than 7 point. If you own a business that is diesel and/or performance parts related, and are NOT a supporting vendor of TDG, a link to your business IS NOT allowed. Signature size/content may be edited at moderator's discretion, dont cry if yours is deemed inappropriate.

*Dont be an idiot, if you act like an azz in your posts, dont cry when you get banned.

*You may not post inflamatory comments, foul language, links to any lewd or offensive material, or any lewd or offensive material (including pictures) of any kind. It will not fly here, so dont try it.

*Keep posts on topic, derailing or hijacking is not allowed, if you cant add to the discussion, dont post. If you wonder whether or not people will care about what it is that you are about to post, chances are that they wont.

*Do not post aimlessly. Nobody will think you have any more credibility if you have 6million posts in the off topic forums.

*DO NOT BRAND-BASH, BASH A VENDOR, ATTACK A MEMBER OR A MEMBER'S FAMILY, CHEERLEAD FOR A VENDOR OR PRODUCT, OR THREATEN ANOTHER MEMBER..... None of that foolishness will fly here, and it will not be tolerated. Trolls are not welcome here.

*THREATS OF PHYSICAL VILOENCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! They will however, earn you some vacation time from the site.

*If you are a vendor, and you are not a Site Sponsor, do not solicit anywhere on the site. That right is reserved for those who sponsor the site.

*Know that posts and opinions of other members and Sponsors may not be factual. TheDieselGarage makes NO claims to the validity of any statement posted by members.

*Do not post copyrighted material. Plagarisim did not work in school, wont work here either.

* Do not post any file that will harm or contaminate any user's computer or TheDieselGarage's equipment. Threatening to post such material will be treated as if you actally did, and will be cause for removal.

* Names of vehicle and engine manufacturers are property of the trademark holders

*Try your best to post in the correct forum, If you don't, the staff will move your thread.

Politics & Religion.

This is a diesel garage forum and not a political or religious arena. We encourage discussion on most topics and everyone is entitled to an opinion but if a topic is seen to be heading into an area which may cause offense or a particular post is deemed to be ridiculing either a member or a political / religious party, then we reserve the right to make comment either via a PM to the offending member or an addition or edit to the thread.
Images which are also deemed to be inappropriate may also be asked to be removed.
We're not here to act as judge and jury, but we reserve the right to make judgment calls to ensure the smooth running of The Diesel Garage forum


The shoutbox provides you with a quick and simple method of chatting with other members .. the same rules apply as posting. Be sensible and keep them clean or you will be warned via an infraction and if you continue to abuse the shoutbox you WILL be banned from using it.


*We are all adults here, so let's act like it. If you break a rule here and recieve a reprimand, don't start a thread and cry about how you have been "unjustly maligned."You broke the rules, deal with it. Dont bring up anything related to your offense or reprimand in the forums. This is not a forum for you to complain about rules in, it is a Diesel Truck forum.

*Spell check your posts! No one here speaks or reads Gamer Slang. We use real English, not that phonetically spelled gamer bull-crap. Just because its cool on the cover of your favorite computer game, that type of ignorance is not worth your emulation.
And remember kids, nothing says "I've never been with a member of the opposite sex." like gamer slang. "

*Respect Others- This should go unsaid, but unfortunately the internet is a medium by which anonimity allows for people to be disrespectful without fear of any repercussion. Here at TheDieselGarage, being disrespectful to others will get you a free ticket to any website but this one.

*Do not bait other members or Site Sponsors into a bad situation or confrontation. While confrontational threads can be entertaining, they generally do nothing in the way of adding value to a website, and they won't work here.

*This site is a site that should be both work and child safe. As stated earlier, profanity and porn wont work, so dont try to argue that it will.

*Dont bring crap from other sites here. If you have an issue with a member somwehere else, take it up with him there. This is not a place for you to come and fight. It is a place for enthusiasts to hang out.

*BUYER BEWARE. TheDieselGarage makes no claims to quality or validity of items posted for sale. TheDieselGarage is not responsible for any transactions that result from classified ads posted on the site.

*The text and images (the "material") here is copyright 2005-2008 By TheDieselGarage.com. Material here may not be reproduced in any form without consent of TheDieselGarage.com. Any unauthorized copying or reproduction of the material appearing on TheDieselGarage is a violation of Federal and International copyright laws. Under the Fair Use doctrine, members may print or produce a single copy of any of this material for their own individual use, so long as all copyright notices, web URL links and author credits remain intact. Any commercial use, reproduction, or posting of this material to another web site or to another internet forum in whole or in part, without the prior authorization or consent of TheDieselGarage is prohibited.
The Moderators and Staff here make difficult decisions here daily. Please respect what they do for the site.

We want everyone to have a good time here and to enjoy themselves, If you have questions, comments or complaints, feel free to let a staff member know about it.


2012 F350 KR Dually, stock...bone stock.

early 99 PSD CC F250, DP Tuner F-5, Stealth Stage I, Casserly 160cc singles, Monsterbox Tranny, MBRP cool duals, ITP Regulated fuel system, Cobalts and Performax gauges, and way to much else to remember right now. **traded**

2004 Excursion Limited 6.0L, Dipricol gauges on the A-Pillar, Bilsteins and BFG's on the corners, lost EGR (not looking hard for it either), ARP studs, RCD Black Onyx head gaskets, MBRP 4" exhaust, (labor performed by Dan @ Midwest Transmission) **giggled when traded**

I'm pretty good at drinkin beer -Billy Currington
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