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you retune my 6.5 and see if you get 500hp I would love to see it. . .

heck i'd love to see any pick up truck diesel hit 500hp without 1 bolt on part no chips no turbos No add on parts nothing but retuning whats there

some how i just dont think its that easy its by far easier then a Gas engine sure but its not as easy as you make it sound. . .

Tho my AMX's engine was rated at 435hp n 480tq but it really made 485hp n 492tq and that is a gas engine i am sure i could get extra 15hp out it in seconds . . . prolly even break the 500tq mark as well as the 500hp mark . . . But why its only a 2,800# car . . .I'm almost sure it'll run faster then your 500hp diesel.

My 1953 Studebaker M275 will easily out pull your 500hp diesel pick up truck you'll send your tires up in smoke while i drag you all over the place in low gear . . .

But if its diesel fun you want i am sure my lil 315hp Mack will twist your truck around it's self in seconds. . .

with your truck being GM i am sire my Ford Gasser wouldn't mind towing whats left of your truck home for you, i have No doubts my 62' GMC could also drag ya around tho it my have to grunt a bit harder then the stude. . .

I got CASH ? got INSURANCE ? I have a crashing plant at my disposal i can gladly recycle your rig for you even. . .


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