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I think that the issues arising with the 275 and 310 are a result of colder temps, winter fuel, and there being many more customers out there now as opposed to last year. REMEMBER THIS. The 275 and 310 are not ment as a DD tune they are race tunes... Not saying it cant be done. I after all am running the 275 all the time. But. I also have studs in. 275 and 310 over factory RWHP is alot to ask of an engine with stock components. When driven with vim and vigor. Most vendors are now suggesting studs, EGR delete, waste gate and BOV's for reliability with the 275/310 combo.

The 210 and under on the other hand seem to be a much gentler tune set up when it comes to every day driving. Throttle responce, tip in, and rail pressure are at a more livable level for long term use. I wouldnt be worried about running the 210 and under daily with an unmodified truck. I have seen it in the past that it's not how much hp a engine makes that is an issue with reliability. The key factor is HOW it makes it hp. Weather it comes on like a stabbed rat or is more lineal in the ramp up.

It's all in how you drive it long term. Everything mechanical has its limits.

Lets just say not quite stock.
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